Balance Café & Smoothies
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A Destination


Tasty with a side of healthy is a great way to sum it up.


At Balance Café & Smoothies, we want to improve your quality of life. Our cafe will bridge the gap between a busy lifestyle and better nutrition. Balance has a meaning for everyone, but with us, all lifestyles can relate. We offer a fresh alternative to the foods you already enjoy. Better nutrition has many advantages for any walk of life. Our menu is designed to offer healthier foods while still maintaining great flavors.



A Solution


Find Your Balance


 We understand that finding a balance with our families, friends, careers, school, sports and so much more can be a challenge. We are offering an alternative to sacrificing the way you feel after eating fast food with a fresh homemade approach ready within minutes. We also understand the demand to get kids to eat better too.  We strive to encourage pediatric nutrition with food prep classes and activities. It is an easy way to introduce fun ideas for great nutritious foods, and not to mention the pride they will take when they share it with someone else.


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