Always on the GO


HELLO Everyone! We are so very excited to start our new Fall season with so many great foods! We get very excited about creating our fall menu items because of the abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables we put together. We aim to have them give you the best nutrition possible by keeping our food combinations simple and easy.

Speaking of simple and easy, have you checked out our grab n go cooler for the ready to eat items yet? Our homemade soups really hit the spot for the chilly days and nights. We offer them for quick lunch or dinner options while you are on the go.

We are also introducing our hot breakfast bowls, our blueberry coconut chia almond shots, the cranberry date and pistachio shots, or the infamous peanut butter dark chocolate protein shots or bars for those mornings the donuts might be looking good and we wait for the lunch hour to arrive.

As the days get shorter, we run out of time to grab our dinners too. We offer pick up catering meals for families and co-workers during late night work hours. We will continue to bring our heat and serve meals for anytime of your day. We love requests too, so keep them coming and we will help keep you going with out the guilt.