Let's Get This New Year Started!


Happy Healthy New Year!

The key to unlock a better you is within your reach! You must first be aware to better understand what questions to ask yourself. Do you want to have a healthier you? Do you want to continue doing the same things, yet expecting different outcomes?

G.I Joe has always said it best, ‘Knowing is half the battle’. So what do you know about becoming a healthier you?

You are the best judge of how you feel. Foods can help determine after each meal if you will have the energy, the mental alertness, and the overall endurance to continue with your day. Understanding what works well with your routine is also a great tool to have in the personal toolbox.

All of us stay busy, but do all of us know how to properly fuel our day? Giving yourself the proper nutrition and time to consume what we need can instantly improve your health. We are here for the on-the-go, day-to-day operations.

So in order to better understand your body, we need to get into your mind. As a start, try to keep track of the type of foods your eating, how much, and how often. We tend to overlook many calories that we consume on a daily basis because they come from everything we put into our bodies. Drinks like coffee, tea, sodas, and flavored waters. All can have empty calories that we don’t consider. Adding sugars, creamers, and syrups can pack on the pounds and still cause you to feel tired after the crash. Try to keep your food and drinks simple. Our bodies do best when we have a clear picture of what we consume. Start flexing your brain muscle to optimize the rest of your body!

Smoothie Modifiers!

MCT OIL is an amazing tool to add to your diet! We are now offering this health benefit to add to your smoothie, salad, or teas. If you are in a ketogenic diet, it can help you stay in the fat burning state, due to the high fat and low carbs, as it converts into ketones. In order to support weight loss, your gut health is extremely important. MCT oil can also help optimize the growth of good bacteria and your guts lining. It can also be used by your body as the instant source of energy , thus omitting the need to store fat.