MCT Oil & Our New Blended Cappuccino Smoothie


Now Available for you to try here at Balance Café & Smoothies.

Due to the comforts of a hot beverage flavor in our colder outdoor weather, we want to offer you a nutritional experience in our newest featured smoothie. If you are looking for a jolt with a great cappuccino flavor, we have a special that you will want to try!!

Introducing our Blended Cappuccino Whey Protein Smoothie. We are happy to help you get some clarity and great flavor with your morning meal!

Our Cappuccino Whey Protein has 25g of Protein per serving, features whey protein isolate, and concentrate. It is low in fat and is gluten-free.

So what is this MCT Oil used for you ask?

MCT (medium chain triglycerides) are a type of saturated fat that are a usable source of energy. MCTs bypass part of the digestion process and go straight to the liver to be used by the body. They are easily digested and contain many potential health benefits.

1. MCTs are anti-inflammatory

2. Contribute to brain health and memory

3. MCT oil can be used in cooking, baking, blended in smoothies, added to salad dressings, drizzled on top of meat.

4. MCTs are found in grass fed beef and coconuts

5. Many populations have been consuming MCT in coconuts for thousand of years without negative health effects

6. Contribute to gut health and have anti-fungal properties

7. Helpful in digestion of fat soluble vitamins such as A, E, D, and K

8. MCTs have potential thermogenic affect, allowing the body to burn energy

9. Saturated fat in moderation can be part of a healthful diet- including MCT

10. MCT oils contain all 4 types of MCTs: caprylic, caprioc acid, lauric acid, and capric acid. Compared to coconut oil which is 50% lauric acid.

As with all supplements, it is best to do your own research to better understand how it can affect you and your overall health. Understanding each brand should be a strong factor when deciding the values you trust.


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