Not Just a You Resolution...🎽

Help Your Office Reach Their Goals!

So you have an office meeting coming up? Need to order food that can keep everyone happy? Let us Help!

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Chances are, you are not the only “Healthier New Year’s Resolution” person in your office. So how do you get food that pleases everyone’s tastes buds and keeps them on their healthy path too? You have Balance Delivered! We serve fresh-made wraps, soups, desserts, and more to offices all around the city everyday. If you have a few guests looking for salads, a couple wanting sandwiches, and maybe a few more that just want good tasting items, let them try Balance.

Don’t Forget to ask About our Specials

There are a plethora of lunch, soup, and side specials that you may have tried here at Balance. If you would like to order these items ahead for your catering order, just give us a call.