Pack the Protein!

Are you looking to add a little extra to your weight-lifting days?

Protein is essential to build lean muscle. This is a pretty well known fact, but how you get that protein is sometimes a hassle. We are here to help! Whether its a whey or plant-based protein smoothie packed with all of your favorite fruits and veggies, or maybe you want a protein-filled lunch consisting of our wild-caught salmon or marinated chicken. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorites to get you pumped up at the gym!

City Chicken.jpg

Our City Chicken Pita

With over 33 grams of protein, the City is the most popular item, 6 years running.

Buffalo Blitz.jpg

Buffalo Blitz

40 grams of protein and a classic taste.

Salmon Wraps.jpg

Salmon Wrap

Our wild-caught grilled salmon wraps are a huge hit for caterings, but you can order these anytime you like in-store too!


Smoothie Bowl

Choose your smoothie-Choose your toppings

Easily add 30+ grams in a delicious treat!

Protein Bars.jpg

Protein Bar

A quick and easy way to take your power-packed and busy life to the next level.