A Kid's Take on Healthy

This kids’ take on healthy was written by IcyRayne and featured on the Denouement at Aurora Blog. For those of you who may not know, this blog is run by a student who appreciates all types of writing perspectives and has some dietary restrictions of her own.

Kids Take On Healthy

Being a parent can seem hard to feed kids good healthy food but being a child, we need to take on this challenge against sugar, fast food and bad food. I, like most kids, have some trouble giving up these delicious treats, but eating healthy can be just as good! Balance Cafe & Smoothies is a great example of restaurants turned healthy. Now, we have the resources to make the world healthier, but we need to help the adults fight for healthy food too. With meat that is made out of plants that taste just as good, and natural resources that can be tasty, it helps us all. Eating fruits and vegetables helps us get strong, fight against sicknesses and even help the environment. Polluting the air with factories that make the gross, bad food that we request, doesn't help anyone.

What Can I Do?

You're probably thinking, what can I do? I'm just a kid! Well, you can ask your parents or guardian to get fruits and veggies from your local produce store. Even better, you can learn how to grow your own garden with your family. It leaves your family happy and you healthy!

Along The Way:

Picking out fruits and vegetables may seem easy, but the bigger they are, the worse they are. Those big, juicy ones that may look the best are the ones filled with chemicals to make them bigger and juicier. Walking past the aisles of candy and sweets might be tempting, but eating healthier foods lets you grow strong and fight off sickness way better! You can also get your family to eat healthy with you! One piece of candy leaves you hungry coming back for more and more, but fruits and veggies leaves you full, ready to take on the day!


Eating healthy foods can even help you later on in life. It helps you to have more energy and strength to run, dance, jog or do whatever you do to make the world better. You will be way less likely to get sick when you eat healthy, and eating good food leaves you feeling great!

Food For Thought:

Did you know that most people enjoy or dislike foods and drink due to texture and taste?

Most people do not like potatoes with a rough outside and mushy center, but when they are cut and deep fried, almost everyone likes them then, as French fries.