COMING SOON...Meal prep options!


All of this will be available online to order and pick up at the date and time of your choice*. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment on this post and we look forward to helping you reach your goals every day of the week!

Too Busy to Prep Meals for the Week?

Let us do the work! Meal prep is coming soon to Balance Cafe & Smoothies. So many of us are living our lives speeding through the day. When is there time to research, plan, and cook foods in between work and activities? We want to help with this problem and give you a chance to eat clean no matter how much time you have. We will be offering several Ready-to-Eat Paks designed to fit your dietary needs. Whether it be a Keto, vegan, or power diet; we will have you covered.

We will also have a “Build Your Own Meal” section that allows you to pick your portion size and mix a variety of favorite proteins, grains, veggies, soups, and sides.


*Orders will need to be placed at least 24 hours ahead of desired pick-up date.